Awards and Testimonials

Yorkshire and Humber Enterprise
All our dealings with Corville Wealth Management have been very professional and we have found them to be most helpful and reliable. They keep us updated on a regular basis and are very willing to explain and advise whenever we have a query .
Chales Vickers, Vickers Inspection Services Ltd
I Have worked with Corville FS for 5 years now. In my opinion they have an open mind and the clients best interests at heart. This gives them the framework to select the appropriate investment strategy for their clients to meet their needs
Professional firm who always sit the shoes of their customers when doing financial planning.
We were introduced to Corville by our accountants in the early 90’s, at which time we had a Self Administerd Pension Scheme, from a company that had been sold. In retirement we have and still are travelling extensively, so we needed an adviser to guide us through the complexities of pension management. Corville are still doing a good 20 years on and we have had only two advisers in all that time, we have also had the same administrators in place for the majority of this period. We think it safe to say, therefore that we have experienced long term continuity and have been happy with the service and advise over the years
Corville Wealth Management first came into my life after my husband died in 2013. His brother was already a client and he recommended them to organise my finances as I was well looked after by my husbands firm, and needed guidance to make the best decisions. Debbie Furniss came to see me at home and was friendly and professional in explaining my options and made sure that the company created exactly the right package for me. I felt totally confident straight away that this was going to be a great relationship and I have not been proved wrong. I know that they are there to help with any issues I might have at any time and are approachable and professional. They helped me to feel confident about my investments at an anxious time and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

The service that I received from Corville is very good, Niall is a very pleasant young man and very helpful at explaining the policies.  I hope to see him next year.  Just keep looking after my money thank you.

Janet Eaton

Niall Middleton kept the appointment on time.  He explained my options clearly and answered my questions.  I would recommend Corville for efficiency and service.

Pamela A Mercer
Having had some negative experiences in the past, I am not very confident when dealing with financial matters.  Luckily on meeting Niall I was reassured, he listened to my situation, acted on the outcome of my assessment and understood I was cautious.

The service provided was professional, prompt and not too formal.  I was kept fully informed by phone and email.  I certainly wasn’t rushed into any decisions.  Thank you.

Janet Dunning

The service was top class, Debbie tells it to you as it is – straightforward and honest – everything ran smoothly, first class service.  Would highly recommend.

Allan Kirk
Having worked closely with Corville over the past 4 years and sat in on their Investment Committee Meetings, I have witnessed first hand the rigorous process that is undertaken to include funds within their model portfolio’s. There is constant research, challenge and thought, with absolute focus on producing positive client outcomes in mind. A further example of the evolvement of the investment process was to consider and then use the Old Mutual Wealth Select Managed Portfolio Service for certain clients where an outsourced managed solution was more appropriate to their needs, this demonstrating that one size doesn’t’ fit all, and solutions are used from the clients needs outwards.
Darren Wardman, Old Mutual Wealth
Our FA, Debbie Furniss of Corville Wealth Management is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with our pension and ISA funds.
Hadfield Associates Limited, Jean Hadfield
I have been supported by Corville wealth management team for the past 3 years. They were very helpful and patient in helping me with sound financial advice at a very difficult time in my life. I have continued to be supported by them to ensure that my needs are being met and I am happy with decisions being made. I have recently recommended them to my best friend.
Lynn Anderson
Corville have been financial advisers to our company, Scarlett Abbott Ltd, and it’s two Director owners since late 2009. We were introduced to Philip Moore by our accountant at a time when we were concerned about the service we were receiving from the existing advisers. At first we had concerns about Corville’s size as we had been used to a more corporate structure. This concern was soon dispelled. We have found all members of the Corville Team to be helpful, knowledgeable and prepared to gently cajole, when necessary, directors of a rapidly expanding business.

Philip has been able to explain to us quite complex financial structures with a clarity which was previously lacking. Along with our accountants’ input there have been useful tax planning opportunities presented and taken up. Whilst Corville’s very different investment proposition is relatively new to us we are happy with the results thus far. We would say that Corville’s overall client proposition and the unrestricted availability of Philip’s input has been ideally suited to our situation.

Tel: 01904 731180 Email:

Jonathan & Rachel Abbott, Scarlett Abbott Ltd
My pension, until transferred into the care of Corville, had, for some years, produced moribund and lacklustre results. I am now greatly excited by the prospect of a more robust performance following Corville’s guidance and advice. By completing Corville’s web-based ‘Risk Assessment’ questionnaire, and adopting the relevant plan, I am now confident that my investment lies where it will grow and mature into the future. I also have the added facility of being able to monitor my investment’s progress via the Internet. Corville’s professionalism and open demonstration of various investment portfolio opportunities has provided me with a clear view of how I wish my pension to be handled.
Bob Hood, Bradford
I have had a business relationship with Corville Financial Services Ltd and the directors Philip & Linda Moore for nearly 20 years.

They have taken care of my pension investments and those of a sizeable number of mine and my fellow accountants’ clients during this time.

I have found Corville’s very specific investment offering to be robust, even through very difficult trading years and can testify that the investment returns i have witnessed have been more than acceptable.

I have found all the employees to be helpful, friendly and very willing to assist with what can often be complex issues, even to a qualified accountant with nearly 50 years of experience of dealing with a large array of both personal and business clients.

I am happy to provide any further information which may be required (subject to approval by Philip Moore).

Tel: 07881 544424 Email:

Graham Marshall, Chartered Accountant
I was pleased to meet you again recently when you reviewed our finances. It is always reassuring for my wife and I to know that somebody we trust is looking after the money which we have worked for and which represents our long term stability.

I believe it was about twenty years ago (how time flies!) when you organised my ‘untidy portfolio’ of various investments and then commenced my private pension which I will be benefiting from shortly.

Since those early days we have seen you at regular intervals when you have made suggestions most of which we have followed, and time has proved their worth. We all know and are concerned about the economic crisis which effects the whole world and whilst you cannot make radical changes I believe you have helped to mitigate damage to my investments.

I would also like to thank the staff of Corville for their excellent service. They have always cared (rare these days) and responded quickly and cheerfully to any of my requests and I feel confident that they will handle well the new opportunities created by this recent acquisition.

As you know we are building a new house which is tangible evidence of us spending the money you have helped us save and I look forward to our next review meeting therein.

Malcolm & Pamela Slimming, Fieldhead, Baildon, BD17 6NL

I felt I was given a very professional service by everyone I dealt with in the Company.  Plenty of email feedback and a very pleasant one to one meeting with Debbie.   Keep up the good work.

Andrew Pagan
We have used this company for many years and throughout this time we have received an exceptional service, we cannot recommend this company enough. unlike many companies who say they are willing to go the extra mile for their clients Corville wealth management do this as a matter of course and much more beside. the portfolio management system is so client friendly and takes the worry out of watching your investments, this is linked with sound no nonsense advice when funds need switching. I firmly believe they are the flagship company in this field.
Kevin Daley
Corville Wealth Management have been a long term and professional support for both business and family. We have enjoyed their clarity and positive reaction in a variety of circumstances, and have been particularly impressed with their ability to take responsibility and act accordingly. I wish Corville the very best of luck with this entry and they thoroughly deserve every success.
Keith Armstrong, Applied Acumen Limited
I’ve used a variety of financial advisors in a variety of towns since 1996 as I’ve moved location with my job. Corville are one of the few who have worked to build a personal relationship, and not just ‘sat back’ after I’ve approached them on investment advice until I chase them again. I’ve been very impressed with the performance of their balanced portfolios, including a quarterly update on performance with simple but informative information to back up investment recommendations. However, the most impressive piece of advice was in relation to a trust fund setup by a previous advisor. Corville went the extra mile to obtain legal as well as financial advice, demonstrating that the initial setup was not doing what it was supposed to and giving me advice I felt I could trust to remediate the situation.
Debbie has a personal and friendly approach. Always responds immediately to any questions by either phone or email. Offers good sound advice, gives us the options available, but does not try to push us in any direction and leaves the final decision to us. Keeps us well informed and up to date.
Stephen, York
Corville Financial Services have been financial advisers to ourselves and other business colleagues since the early 1990’s. We have found Phil Moore and his staff’s approach to both small and large projects to be very thorough and helpful to our decision making.

Corville’s investment proposition, with its regular review process and additional face to face strategy planning meetings has allowed us to steadily build and monitor our retirement planning goals over the years.

We also find the on line access to valuations and other data useful and reassuring.

Tel: 01274 660686 Email:

Andrew & Sue Michael, Peregrine Print Ltd
My wife and I first met Philip & Linda of Corville Financial Services in the early 90’s. Since that time we have had a very close working relationship with Philip in particular. Regular phone calls and quarterly updates enable us to totally understand our financial position and plan ahead. Our quarterly report also enables us to make decisions with Philip regarding our retirement plan.

At all times the advice we have been given has been clear and unambiguous, and importantly, with our best interests at heart, not the fees that may be earned by Corville.

Having built a sizeable portfolio through Corville with regular investments over the years we have spoken to other ‘big name’ Wealth Management companies. Although they were keen to take us on board, they have failed to convince us that we would receive the personal attention we require, and, when we have compared Corville’s investment performance versus theirs, we were satisfied with the comparisons. Obviously, Corville have not been able to produce growth through every world event and recession, but have managed to limit our losses with their investment strategies in difficult times, and produce growth when opportunities arise.

A big factor for us is that Philip puts his own money where his mouth is, not always the case with other advisors.

To close, I feel that we have been fortunate in meeting with Corville so long ago and have recommended them to a number of people over the years.

Tel: 01880 820390 Email:

Steve & Rae Bleasby, Loch Fyne Gallery
Service is personal, professional & straightforward. Options made clear and tailored to individual.

Client centered, clarity in approach and quick delivery.

Barry, North Yorkshire
Well organised, client focused and friendly. Debbie makes the whole process of financial planning as easy as abc. She should continue in the way that she treats all her clients putting honesty and respect joint first with listening to what her clients want to do and offering the best advice available to achieve this.
Kevin, West Yorkshire
Debbie is very good understanding and actioning my needs. I am particularly pleased with her responsiveness to my requests and the overall service I get in terms of regular portfolio reviews at a location and time to suit me.
Chris, North Yorkshire
“Having dealt with Corville for a few year now and recently had a review meeting I came away thinking that my pot has done well and is in safe hands!”
Steve Robertson, York