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Saving and Investment Planning York

Saving and Investment Planning YorkToday there is a bewildering range of savings and investment vehicles and options available to the investor.

Building an investment portfolio must take into account tax opportunities and implications, attitude to risk and reward and balancing it to the timescales, the need for income, growth or both.

Following a detailed personal review of your current financial position, aspirations and objectives, we will assess all of the above factors with you before making recommendations for an appropriate portfolio. Wealth creation and management is an ongoing process and Corville Wealth Management will look to meet regularly to ensure the best chance of your saving and investment planning York objectives being met.

Corville Portfolio Services (CPS)

We operate our own Corville Portfolio Services along with the full range of other external portfolio offerings. Our CPS services provide for quarterly monitoring of the selected funds within the portfolio offerings and we inform you of the recommended replacements each quarter via email for your approval.

Asset allocations and funds are selected each quarter, in addition re-balancing of portfolios is undertaken. This ensures your original asset class selection remains in proportion to your wishes and continues to match your investment risk level and that you stay invested in funds which also meet our quarterly selection criteria. This means you will not be left holding a fund which is ‘past its sell by date’ or have an overweight position in any particular sector.

This service is also available for managing pension investments.

Please see the Portfolio Returns page or click here and see for yourself the performance our portfolios have achieved.

The New NISA

The tax efficient savings account

The government announced in the Budget 2014 that from 1 July 2014, ISA’s (Individual Savings Account) will be re-formed into a new simpler product, the ‘New ISA’ (NISA) with equal limits for cash, and stocks and shares.

How it works

New Individual Savings Accounts are available to all UK residents over 18 years of age, 16 years of age for Cash NISA’s. They benefit all taxpayers, as any income or capital gains received from investments held within an ISA do not have to be declared to the taxman.

It is permissible to open one Cash NISA and one Stocks and Shares NISA each tax-year. However, once open, it is allowable to transfer your Cash or Stocks and Shares NISA between providers as many times as you wish. NISA’s can invest in cash or in stocks and shares (including, but not limited to, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, and Open Ended Investment Companies).

NISA limits

The NISA will also offer you the option to save your whole NISA allowance of £15,000 in cash, stocks and shares, or any combination of the two.

For example, from 1 July 2014 you could choose to pay in:

  • £15,000 to a Cash NISA and nothing to a Stocks and Shares NISA
  • £15,000 to a Stocks and Shares NISA and nothing to a Cash NISA
  • £5,000 to a Cash NISA and £10,000 to a Stocks and Shares NISA
  • £10,000 to a Cash NISA and £5,000 to a Stocks and Shares NISA
  • a combination of amounts between a Cash and Stocks and Shares NISA, up to the overall annual limit of £15,000

Under the NISA rules you will also be able to transfer previous years ISA savings freely between stocks and shares and cash if you wish. Any subscriptions you have made to an ISA since 6 April 2014 will count against the £15,000 NISA subscription limit for 2014-15.

If you have paid into a Cash or Stocks and Shares ISA since 6 April 2014, you will not be able to open a further NISA of the same type before 6 April 2015. You may, however, make additional payments – up to the £15,000 NISA subscription limit – into your existing account(s) or by transferring those account(s) to another provider that will allow additional amounts to be added.

If you are aged between 16 and 18, you can hold a Cash NISA but cannot open a Stocks and Shares NISA. From 1 July 2014, you will be able to pay up to £15,000 into your Cash NISA for the tax year 2014-15. This is in addition to any amounts that you pay into a Junior ISA that you hold.

It is possible to hold cash tax-free within your Stocks and Shares NISA if the provider allows this. However, many savers may prefer to hold separate accounts for cash and stocks and shares investments, and can continue to do so.


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